The ultimate guide to women’s and men’s workout shorts

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This article tells us all we need to know about men’s and women’s shorts. As a complete guide to shorts, it also helps us choose the right kind of shorts for all types of occasions.

Table of Contents:

  1. Guide on right quality, fittings, occasion etc.
  2. A guide to choosing Shorts For Men
    1. When is it appropriate to wear shorts?
    2. How to wear shorts for men?
    3. How should a man’s shorts fit?
    4.  How to choose the right color for your shorts
  3. Different types of shorts for men
  4. All you need to know about Shorts For Women
    1. What to look for in women’s running shorts
    2. Different types of women’s athletic shorts
    3. The best women’s shorts for workout
  5. Conclusion

Choosing a fit lifestyle is a great decision. But this decision comes with many other choices to make. One of these choices is choosing the right workout gear. A popular staple workout outfit is short. Workout shorts are available in great variety for both men and women. In the article we explore through all the factors that you need to consider to find the best workout shorts for you.


Guide on right quality, fittings, occasion etc.

The right material

(a) Cotton

Cotton is a great material when it comes to gym wear shorts, especially because of its breathability.

  • Ideal for all seasons as it keeps you cool in the summers and provides warmth in the summers.
  • Hypoallergenic and causes least skin irritations no matter when you wear it.
  • Less toxic as it is a natural fibre as compared to synthetic fibres like polyester.
  • Breathable, soft, and super comfortable for intensive workouts like gymwear.

(b) Linen

Linen is an extremely strong, lightweight fabric made from the flax plant. It is commonly used as a cloth fabric for its many advantages.

  • Its strength and durability are unparalleled and make it a great choice for gymwear clothes. It allows great flexibility and range of motion because of this.
  • It’s a natural fibre with a lower environmental impact than cotton. Plus, being a natural fibre it’s also biodegradable.
  • Breathable and highly absorbent is one of their other benefits. They are known to adsorb more than 20% of their dry weight of moisture and still feel and look dry. This gives them a great moisture wicking quality. 

(c) Synthetics

Synthetics include polyester, rayon, spandex, etc which are popularly used in gymwear shorts and other clothes.

  • Synthetic fibres are relatively much cheaper than natural fibres and are hence more feasible.
  • These fibres are stain resistant and are a great choice for workout clothes.
  • Waterproof and water resistancy are two other important benefits.

All you need to know about workout shorts for women:

What to look for in women’s running shorts




  1. Size


It’s important to know that the tighter the leggings are on your leg, the more the material will be stretched. If they are too tight, you could end up ripping them. And that’s one thing we absolutely do not want to experience in a gym. We need to consider the stretch of the material to understand the size we need.


  1. Pattern


Distraction is after all, deception. We use this theory to distract the eye from noticing imperfections like cellulite and wrinkles. Patterned leggings can do so very effectively. Our personal choice would obviously be vertical striped leggings as they further from the illusion of long legs. Vertical stripes are perfect for creating a long, lean line.


  1. Material


Women’s shorts should have enough flexibility to allow an easy workout session. Pay as much attention as possible to the quality of the fabric of your clothing: clothes made of thin, tight fabrics will only highlight the flaws of your body.


Different types of women’s athletic shorts


  1. Bermuda Shorts


These shorts are not often used as workout gear but can be easily used for a warmup. Their comfortable fit and fabric is what set them apart. The baggy look of these women’s shorts might be its only drawback.


  1. Knee-Length Shorts


These shorts for women can be very versatile. These end right above the knees, as the name suggests. This gives them the grace and comfort that one expects from a pair of shorts.


  1. Booty shorts


These are popular workout gear for women. These end a little below the buttock and are usually made of moisture wicking material. These workout shorts for women allow enough flexibility and comfort to be worn for any intensity of workout.


The best women’s shorts for workout

1. HYBRID Mid Length Shorts

This pair of high waisted shorts provide ultimate support through all workouts. Its foldover waistband allows peak comfort as it does not dig into your skin. Its four way stretch fabric for unrestricted movement is what makes it very flexible workout shorts.

Know how to pair these with the ever trendy sports bras and you are set to rule the day! And its animal print adds a dash of fashionable charm!


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2. BASE High Waisted Shorts

Its fold over waistband allows us to stretch and workout in any way we prefer without worrying about the waistband pinching into our skin. With its four way stretch fabric for freedom of movement, this Ryderwear clothing provides a great range of motion. Its mid length for extra coverage ensures that you ignore the haters and workout to your best potential!

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3. SOLA High Waisted Shorts

The Sola high waisted shorts are the perfect blend of fashion and function in women’s sportswear. The compression and four way stretch fabric offers unparalleled comfort, so you can squat without any distractions. The length of the shorts is the perfect in between a booty short and bike short, providing ultimate comfort. plus the internal side pocket keeps all your essentials safe!


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4. Nebbia x Seaqual Cycling Shorts

These cyclingshorts are designed with a brand new NEBBIA print inspired by our iconic NEBBIA logo. The cut will perfectly highlight your tights and slim waist. Short biker shorts have the classic beyond- the- knees length, frilling on the back and black “V” waist which will optically shape the figure.

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All you need to know about shorts for men

When is it appropriate to wear shorts?


  1. If the place and occasion call for it

Shorts are appropriate if the place you are planning to wear them to is accepting of shorts. These places include the gym, a beach, or a casual get-together. But even for these get-togethers, it should be noted that the audience present should consist of people you know. Meeting strangers while you are wearing informal shorts, might not make the best first impression.

  1. If the weather calls for it

Shorts can be deemed apt if the place you are going to might be of a higher temperature. A gym, for example, might not be air-conditioned. Even if it is, the activity of working out is bound to raise your body temperature. Hence shorts are a great staple for workout clothes.


How to wear shorts for men?

What is the proper length for shorts?

An appropriate length for shorts for men also differs according to the occasion. If the shorts are to be worn in public settings, like the beach or restaurant, then the shorts should end at about 2-3 inches above the knees. Or they could barely graze the knees when you stand up straight. On the other hand, this rule can be neglected in gymwear. Shorts as workout clothes can be shorter than the knee length as exercises require a freer range of motion. Shorter shorts provide better flexibility.

How should a man’s shorts fit?

Though the fit of a pair of shorts depends on the person, there is one thumb rule. A bulkier fit of shorts is bound to make your thighs and butt bulky too. This is severely contrasted by the calves. This look might not look too flattering. Thus it is better to choose a tighter fit of shorts- tight enough to be comfortable.

How to choose the right color for your shorts

Solid colors such as tan, khaki, white, navy, olive, and off-white are the most traditional styles for men’s shorts. But workout clothes as shorts gives you the leeway to go wild with brighter colors like neon too.

Different types of men’s shorts

1. Training shorts

These are often used in exercises as they allow flexibility and comfort. Legend-approved shorts by Nebbia have been developed for demanding and hard-working men. We have combined the design of the past with modern technologies. They are made of breathable cotton and polyamide. This adds elasticity and the ability to better wick away sweat and moisture. A rubber waistband with laces, loose fit, and slightly arched hem make the shorts a must-have for your training.

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2. Running shorts

These workout shorts are shorter than other shorts which allows a wider range of motion. The Combat Fleece Arnie Shorts by Ryderwear are perfectly cut for high-performance, functional training, allowing for total freedom of movement. With an adjustable waistband allowing you to train in ultimate comfort, these are essential workouts, no matter your training style.

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3. Biker shorts

Biker shorts typically end right above the knees and provide optimum coverage as well as flexibility. Extremely flexible and adaptable material which has a close-fitting cut guarantee maximum comfort while working out. Combined with the prolonged asymmetrical shirts or t-shirts with free relaxed shorts you can have a perfect outfit not only at the gym!

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4. Board shorts

These are popular for their comfortable fabric and breathability through all types of workouts. Essential shorts by Nebbia are a great example of these shorts. Loose fit, perfectly chosen material, and laces in the waist area – all this is a guarantee to make you feel comfortable in these shorts during any training but also during your free time.

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Now that you have all the information you need to buy the best workout shorts for men and women, it will be easier to make the right choice. Choosing workout shorts wisely can affect all your workouts and the lifestyle you follow.